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The Agricultural Marketing Policy Center was created at Montana State University-Bozeman in early 2001 by the Regents of the Montana University System. The purpose of the Agricultural Marketing Policy Center, an integral party of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Economics, is to to provide applied research and education, including extension education, on agricultural marketing and related policy issues for informed decision-making by farm and ranch managers, public decision makers in rural communities and in local and state agencies, state legislators, and congressional delegations in Montana and the Northern Plains and Rockies Region.

The management philosophy is to maximize the return on the resources at the Center's disposal by maintaining a minimal staff and leveraging the its resources through collaboration with faculty at Montana State University - Bozeman and other universities in the Northern Plains and Rockies region.

The Center's programs are organized around two major areas related to the general theme of agricultural markets and policy.

Research and Education on Markets for Agricultural Products

Most agricultural products produced in Montana and the Northern Plains region have a global market. The Center conducts research and integrates market information to inform decision makers of demand conditions and the supply situations, both domestically and internationally, for the primary agricultural products in the region.

Agricultural Policy Research and Education

Research and Education in this area integrates knowledge about the economics of agriculture and agriculture policy to access the implications for private and public decision makers in the agricultural sector of changes in domestic agricultural polices and trade policies. The impacts of these changes on the rural economies of the state and region will also be evaluated.